Inspired by coming from what once literally was the worst place in America to live and what is currently one of the 10 worst cities for blacks and 10 worst places in Illinois, I am driven with an intense passion to fight for American democracy and the struggling communities in this great country.

I believe inequality, greed, petty ambition, pride, and a lack of empathy are the roots of a lot of the problems in the world and that I can contribute to their solution in many communities.

I have faith that it’s possible to foster an environment that creates community leaders who can speak truth to power, stand up for the voiceless, and narrow gaps of influence through education.

And success is much less about what you’re given when you’re born and much more about the work you put in, what kind of character you have, and what you know because knowledge is power.

I will constantly strive to be the best version of myself, despite who I’ve been, and make those I interact with better versions of themselves by demonstrating the necessity of values, vulnerability, and commitment.

I will never give up hope that there can be a better tomorrow.

And I will never lose my sense of wonder or idealism because only those who dare to dream big dreams are the ones who achieve big dreams.