I am a Master of Public Administration student at Northern Illinois University. My specialization is in local government management. While completing my degree I’m interning for a rural suburb of Madison, Wisconsin, called Belleville. There, I manage efforts related to marketing; community, business, and economic development; and strategic planning. 

My career is dedicated to challenging the status quo and finding creative solutions that transform democratic processes to create a more equitable world.  I believe in promoting innovation and performance excellence. I value diverse perspectives, and forward-thinking and care deeply about empowering others as well as engaging as many as possible in the policy process. 

I strive for continuous improvement, advocate for public outreach, and champion mindful community development. My commitment has led me to present at the Public Management Research Conference, the leading public administration conference in the world; and spearhead community-wide strategic development efforts for multiple public organizations. 

My professional approach is driven by a philosophy of building authentic relationships, supporting long-term success over short-term gains, and promoting a triple bottom line of profit, people, and planet.