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Take a moment this new year to tell someone that you appreciate them.

In 2020, I resolve to try to remember that everyone is just giving it their best shot and to do my best to make people feel important, comfortable, and special.

Good luck with your resolutions, friends.


This is another take on life from my southern and unique grandma.

I’m reinterpreting it for you to mean this: Success is often engendered merely through portrayed confidence.

Look the part. Act the part. And you got it.

If you believe in something, keep this in your back pocket, and get after it.

Too many of us are waiting for permission.

It’s scary, yes. And it will always be scary.

If it’s particularly risky, do it now while you have your health.


If you’re an adult, chances are you won’t have enough time in the day to do everything you want.

So it’s likely you’re regularly going to bed with things still on the to-do list.

This might eventually become a significant source of stress in your life.

Be gentle with yourself when it gets overwhelming.

You’re only human.

Just keep focused on your priorities, and remember that nothing brings happiness (or health) like our relationships.

When Ted Danson was on Cheers, he was known as the playboy.

But he was uncomfortable in that role. He didn’t see himself that way at all.

Eventually, he learned to fake it – to act despite the discomfort.

That’s the appropriate route to take the next time you feel not good enough.

Don’t worry about the fear or insecurity or worry, just act.

Folks won’t know the difference.

This time of year can be tough on relationships.

Our significant other’s families can be difficult to tolerate.

Show up still if the family is important to them.

A good person does the right things for people they love, especially when it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable.

Speak your needs and feelings.

The discomfort you feel will dissipate.

It’s better to fight for a better life by being honest with people about their shortcomings than to live with dull satisfaction in your relationships.

Confront them – kindly and respectfully.

And make your life (and friends) better.