Malcolm Gladwell

The Dismissive says, “No, that’s not what I think.” They don’t take the time to hear why you do what you do. They don’t care. That’s because they think they have it all figured out.

“You read mainstream books? Eh, Malcolm Gladwell and Jim Collins are nothing to Plato.”

“You drink soy milk? You’re effeminate.”

Many, many people are Dismissives. This is because most people tend to think they’re right about most things.

Dismissives are dead wrong, and in my opinion, one of the worst kind of people.

Ignorant conviction breeds prejudice. Proper understanding rests on continuous reasoning, which may be defined as an open mind and an open heart to the experiences and most intimate, complex dispositions of the people in our lives.

I used to think that podcasts were a waste of time or just a thing for geeks. I thought that if you wanted to learn something, you should listen to audiobooks on Librivox or Audible.

But, in my junior year of college, I was introduced to a podcast for local government professionals, Govlove, which really helped me understand more about a topic I was starting to care a lot about. This warmed me to the idea of giving podcasts a shot.

My horizons expanded when I discovered this interview with Maria Popova from the wonderfully insightful Brain Pickings blog.

It was smart. It was engaging. It was deep. It was eye-opening.

And that was my introduction to On Being and the beautiful Krista Tippett.

With the insight into the power of podcasts revealed to me by On Being, I was compelled to seek out other podcasts. At first, it was other local government podcasts, but it gradually expanded as I listened more to public radio and continued to explore the meaningful nooks of the media.

So, over the past couple of years, I have discovered what I believe are some really great podcasts. They are similar in that they each offer interesting insights to the human experience and seek to expose you to facts or perspectives that challenge your way of thinking. I encourage you to give one you find even slightly interesting a try. It might change your life…

Click on them to learn more.