As the Vice President of Business Development and Sales for a leading government website development company, I have the privilege of working with many talented public sector professionals. I count Kyle Knott as one of the best. I have known Kyle for about a year, as I was his main point of contact at Revize during his village’s website procurement process.

From the initial proposal to final product negotiations and implementation, Kyle consistently demonstrated traits of an exemplary leader. These include attention to detail, efficient follow-up, dependability, flexibility, good communication skills, and respectfulness.

A key area that should be noted in particular is his effective balancing of the need to get buy-in and feedback from coworkers with not having too many “cooks in the kitchen” – a mistake I often see working with other project managers […] The analysis skills and attitude I have witnessed from Kyle lead me to believe without doubt that he will make an exceptional addition to any organization, government or otherwise. – Joseph J. Nagrant, Vice President of Business Development and Sales at Revize Software Systems

I rank [Kyle] as one of the best consultants I have ever worked with. Kyle distinguishes himself consistently with new, fresh and creative solutions to the problems we were dealing with. Let me mention just a few of the things that stand out to me. Lake Committee, Kyle took on the website development, a huge undertaking, that was one of the top priorities for the committee for 2019. His successful completion of this enabled the festival to have 50% increase in attendance this year and prepares the festival for future success.  Communication is so important today, Kyle created the community newsletter. Also introduced the chamber, UFO committee, and myself to new software the greatly improved the outcomes of these committees. Kyle is a great communicator, prompt in everything he does. His performance in the past is a great indicator of what he can help us become, the vibrant community we want.  – Richard Francois, CEO of Francois Ford and President of the Belleville Chamber of Commerce and Belleville Community Development Authority

Kyle is dedicated and passionate about the growth of Belleville. He has creative and innovative ideas, along with the drive and dedication needed to help our village grow and prosper. He has created a spark, which in return will start a flame of change. He has taken on the initiative to put in motion many improvements, updates and changes, which has brought together many of our citizens, village organizations and communities.

He personally has helped me start a committee called Beautify Downtown Belleville. During the early stages of growth and development to current, he has been willing to lend a hand with anything that is needed for our success. He has gone above and beyond to help us succeed! – Debra J. Buol, Committe President and Founder of Beautify Downtown Belleville 

He’s taken the lead on so many efforts such as the newsletter, new village website, shared calendar, Slack channel and probably many others I don’t know about. Without a leader, these results would not be obtained….his clarity of purpose, vision for what can be and passion to make it happen are just what we need to continue to develop Belleville and the surrounding community. – Laura Vorpahl, Branch Manager at Marine Credit Union and Belleville Chamber of Commerce volunteer

Kyle has quickly shown himself to be an invaluable contributor and collaborator as a Management Intern focused on Economic Development and Marketing.

During his short tenure with our organization Kyle has demonstrated collaborative leadership, technical competency, and a drive to succeed. He has introduced himself to and began closely working with local leadership, the Chamber of Commerce, Community Development Authority, Economic Development Committee, as well as local business owners making valuable recommendations regarding strategic planning and future growth. He has taken the initiative to lead social media for the Village, find solutions to redesign the Village website, create an Economic Development website, and began publishing an electronic newsletter for the community. I find him to possess candor, enthusiasm, and tenacity while being open to constructive criticism and eager to learn. I feel that he represents an exciting next chapter in professional city and county management and I will be proud to one day call him a distinguished colleague. – Brian M. Wilson, Village Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer at Village of Belleville

Kyle is exactly the type of person that you will want representing your program now and in the future as a public or non-profit sector leader. I am watching Kyle develop resilience, resourcefulness, and agility to the workplace as our intern while displaying passion, empathy, teamwork, and dedication necessary for public service. I have been Kyle’s mentor through the undergraduate mentorship program and I hired him while still an undergraduate.

My favorite part about Kyle is that he consciously thinks about Equality – AKA the least talked about E compared to efficiency, effectiveness, economy, and ethics – probably efficacy is up there too. Kyle’s pattern of thinking is built to include equality when he problem solves, makes a presentation, or contributes to our decision making process. He thinks about it more than I do. Reminds me to think about it even. I admire that about him. It is one of the qualities that will help make him a great leader someday.

Bottom line: I would urge you to do your part to protect and enhance the future that Kyle is building. He will be a benefit to society and any community or organization he chooses. He will do good things for others. He will contribute greatly to your program and to the experience and education of his peers. – John S. Weidl, Village Administrator/Director of Economic Development at Village of Mukwonago

Kyle Knott served as an intern at the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce for 12 weeks during the summer of 2016. He proved to be an invaluable asset to our organization…Kyle always came to work with a smile and a positive attitude. He completed all tasks in a timely manner, was always willing to see a job through to the end, and offered valuable input.

Kyle would be a welcome addition to any office! – Alicia M. Joebgen, Executive Director at Frankfort Chamber of Commerce

It has been my distinct pleasure of having Kyle as a student in Introduction to Business at Kankakee Community College.

In order to achieve the highest grades and my deepest respect, he has consistently demonstrated exceptional academic talent, leadership, dedication, and has been a valuable resource for his peers. His natural inquisitiveness has driven him to research discussion topics from class and meet with me during office hours to discuss the topics in more detail. Kyle’s outgoing and friendly personality brightens the day of everyone around him and I’m sure he will bring this same benefit to your organization.

I was delighted to learn of his interest in politics and public policy as demonstrated by his numerous community volunteer activities. His commitment to serve others is becoming increasingly rare in the current generation and is another example of what sets Kyle apart from his peers.  

Kyle exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to good business managers and I was pleased to learn of his plans to continue his business education at Northern Illinois University in 2016. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Kyle as he is a unique talent and I would have no reservations recommending him for a position with your organization. – Robert Babich, Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator, Business at Kankakee Community College

The best ever. He is the smartest and most handsome, and I am very proud of him and love him very much, and I brag about him all the time because he is such an amazing, hard-working young man. – Mom, Nana Paulette, and Grandma Judy at various